John Beaston #B-965011

F. S. P.

7819 NW 228 St

Raiford, FL 32026-1000

Come Ride with me!!!

I'm that someone who's willing to reach out to you and put a smile on your face. I am seeking a special someone, somewhere out there. If you think you are that special someone, please be aware that I am here! I'm a loving, caring individual of American-Italian heritage. I'm currently 37 years old, 6'1", 195 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes. I enjoy traveling, outdoor activities, beach and boating quality time, family gatherings, and love laughter. But above all else I enjoy intimate moments. If you feel encourage to let me put a smile on your face, please know in your heart that someone, somewhere wants to reach out in friendship and see you smile. If you want to create a life long friendship, or possible relationship all you have to do is ...

Come ride with me!! Age and race unimportant.




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